Dolores' songs are a blend of insightful, poetic lyrics and sweetly crafted Blues/Folk/Rock fusion. They cover every topic, often straying into the realms of her childhood, exploring relationships, spirituality, politics and even delving into the lives of her friends and family, she takes her inspiration where she finds it and it finds her often. She has collected a catalogue of over 250 finished songs and always has a new idea brewing on the back burner. Dolores has connected with audiences at countless venues in Nova Scotia, Toronto, Barrie and Northern Ontario including Northern Lights Festival Boreal, Brampton Folk Festival,  Sudbury SummerFest, Tall Grass Festival, and New Glasgow Jubilee, OCFF, CBC Radio, CKLU and CKEC. Her fans span all ages and social stratas and live as far away as China, Germany and the UK.



"the more you delve into her impressive back catalog, the more you realize how truly special she really is. She is an inspired song writer who captivates with deeply personal and emotional songs which just seem to connect."
                                             Stoo Nicol (DJ AFC Radio), AFC RADIO (Feb 01, 2009)


Her fifth album "Big Girl Art" is an eclectic blend of  folk, county, pop and jazz sounds.  Brilliantly produced by David Partridge (Postcard Comets) and featuring the talents of Robert "Buck" Wilburn on lead and steel guitars.  A  guest appearance by Larry Rice enriches the track "Daisy on the Roof" with hot fiddle licks. that are sure to get the toes tapping.  The songs are signature pieces in Dolores' repertoire.  From the funny to the sentimental, irreverent to the down right obscene, this is some of her best writing to date.   Since the release of "Big Girl Art" Dolores has been keeping busy writing and releasing several collections of songs in strictly digital format on Bandcamp as well as creating a very special hand crafted limited edition of an album of songs inspired by Edgar Allen Poe "Poe's Ghost".  In between it all she has still found time to  become a regular in the music scene in Pictou County and can be found hosting and organizing everything from special events and benefits to open stages and community jams.  In 2015 she completed her biggest challenge to date writing a song a week for he entirety of the year. These cand be found on her YouTube channel.


"Pushing Flowers,” as is everything else here, is an original, but it sounds like it could have been written by Judy Collins or Joan Baez.."
                                Robert Barry Francos, Jersey Beat (February, 2011)


Dolores' live performances are engaging her warmth and humour draw the audience in and the power of her vocals keeps them coming back for more.  The true power of her vocals can only be experienced in a live venue, as she invites the listener to make an emotional connection to the music without the distraction of lavish over-productions. Her songs are about all aspects of life, from great triumph to profound regret written in a pull no punches style that still manages to remain warm and universal.


"...Listening to the lyrics she is revealed as an intelligent and introspective woman "
            Amy Reusch, Journalist, The Advocate, Pictou , NS  (April 28, 2010)

"...a real Joni Mitchell sound sounds great! "

            Rich Griffin- Radio host, EZ ROCK 105.3 FM Morning show

"Dolores' songs are a reflection of the world around her...sometimes serious,
                sometimes fun...but always honest"

                              Carlton Munroe, East Coast Road Trip (Dec 07, 2007)



Praise for Late at Night Waltz!




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